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Are We a Power Church?

Last Sunday we looked at what it means to be a power church. Not talking about how strong we are physically, politically, nothing like that at all but a church that is spiritually powerful. Remember that, Much Prayer = Much Power,  Little Prayer = Little Power.  No Prayer = No Power. If we want to be the church that God has for us to be, then a church that is spiritually powerful, a praying church should be our focus.

One of the things we should continually ask ourselves, Am I praying as I ought to pray? Are we praying as we out to pray? And are you praying as you ought to pray?
I believe too many times we end up praying "get me out of this" type of prayers.  When instead, we should be praying "get me through prayers.  God will not always remove us from the circumstances but He promises He will be with us.

If you did not pick up a prayer journal for this month there will be copies in the foyer for adults and kids.  You can jump in and don't worry about catching up just get started.  See you tomorrow!

Pastor Tim Lead Pastor 
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene