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Harvest Community Family,

Wow! What a great Sunday to have so many of you back and present in person.  My mind is still processing my feelings on all of it. Three great moments from last Sunday.  1. Seeing Kyler Mentele at the altar praying. 2. Gavin Buche coming up to me after service and in a serious tone thanking me for opening church. 3. Hearing more than just my family and I singing during songs.  Truly memories that will be in mind forever. The only downside is that it couldn't be ALL OF US together at the same time. 

As I have still mulled over what God had to say to us on Sunday this week. I keep coming back to the connected-ness we must have with Him and with each other. I have been reminded over and over how easy it is to rely on our competence (experience or growth we have had) and how that can exceed our reliance on God alone.  That is when we slip into complacency and begin to grow stagnant in our relationship with God.

John 15:4 reminds us, Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.  The things of our own doing may feed us for a day or even for a season in our lives, but there comes a time when they will not bring the deep nourishment that we seek and need.  We can do all sorts of “good things” with God but what we need is to be connected to the Vine, so connected that we that can’t stand to live apart from that relationship.
Wilkinson reminds us, “Remaining is all about the most important friendship of your life.  Remaining doesn’t measure how much you know about your faith or your Bible.  In remaining, you seek, long for, thirst for, wait for, see, know, love, hear, and respond to a person, the person of Jesus.  More remaining means more of God in your life, more of Him in your activities, thoughts, and desires.”

My prayer has been for all of us that we keep connected to Him first and foremost and to each other.  Our relationships matter to God as well as our relationship with Him.  He never wanted us to live just alone as an island to our-self. We need each other for accountability, support and encouragement.  To remain is an act of faith, a radical expression that you value God’s unrestricted presence in your life and being connected to others to produce the best fruit of our lives.

Continued Reminders.

  • Here is a link to the video on Reopening the church to help you understand what is expected and happening on Sunday Mornings for the time being. Click HERE
  • There will NOT BE a Monday Mania with the Minister this week.  I am out of town on District Business. 
  • I have posted links for our Children's Sunday School lessons and material which includes videos and audio on our web site.  You can click HERE if you would like to continue your children's spiritual education that they would receive in Sunday School.
  • You can watch our Sunday Service via live stream on our Facebook page click HERE.  Our Youtube page click HERE or our Web page click HERE.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow with those that can be here and with those at home!


Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene