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Confession is Good for the Soul

We all have a story.  Every one of us could share about our experiences as a child, or teenager.  The stories of family feuds and times of laughter (Maybe even some new ones during these past holidays, YIKES!) 

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, each of us has a story of when we realized we had sinned and needed to repent, ask for forgiveness and reconciliation from God and from man.  

We discover in The Story that David did.  One day when the army is at war, David, who is the commander of the nation’s military, neglects his duties and stays behind.  He sees Bathsheba, seduces her, gets her pregnant, murders her husband, and tries to cover up his actions by deceiving his general and soldiers.  Then he marries Bathsheba and she gives birth to their child.

It looks as if David will get away with all of this….. but he doesn’t.  God sends His prophet Nathan, to confront David by telling him a story about a poor man with one lamb.  David knows something about sheep and shepherds, so he listens.  Nathan says that the poor man has a rich neighbor who needs to slaughter a lamb to feed a guest, but instead of taking one of his many sheep he steals the poor man’s one lamb.

David is furious and says that man should be put to death.  Nathan then declares, “You are the man!”  He may have wanted to make excuses.  Explain things away.  Blame it on Bathsheba for taking a bath in broad daylight where he could see. But as I have learned Blame really = B Lame.  So stop being lame and own up to your responsibility.  And that is exactly what David did. Instead of making excuses, David confesses.  “I have sinned against the Lord” (2 Sam. 12:13).

And God did with David’s sin what he had done for me and will do with yours.  He forgives, and has “cast it away.” (Psalm 103:12-13).

You can do what David did. Whatever your sin might be, be honest with yourself and with God, confess your sin, and then let another shepherd from Bethlehem forgive it. But even more important is to confess it to another that is when the true healing begins.

See you Tomorrow!

Pastor Tim Asbill Jr.
Lead Pastor