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Decide to Start

Sunday I shared that we all love a good story and each of us have a story to tell.  The question is what chapters of our story do we end up telling and which ones do we choose to leave out because we are ashamed or embarrassed by those chapters of our life.

What will your story be 5 years from now?  Will it be of victory and what God has helped you to overcome or will it be of defeat and how the enemy got the best of you and took you out? If we want to have a story worth telling then we must decide what does God want us to want?

To know what it is that God wants us to want we must do what our key verse for this series states, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…" (Hebrews 12:2)
When we keep our focus on Jesus everything begins to change.  Our attitude, our focus and yes, our story.

I know that I want to have a story worth telling and not allow my past mistakes to be my identity.  So what is the one thing that God wants you start so that your story will be one worth sharing 1 year to 20 years down the road?

Daniel in our passage started something years before he was put in the lions den.  He committed to praying three times a day and not allow anything or anyone to come between his relationship with God. Because of that Daniel had a story worth telling thousands of years later.

Take time before Sunday to do a reality check: Do you feel you're living a story worth telling? Why or Why not? And then decide to start what God wants you to start, not a whole bunch of things but just one.

See you Sunday for week 2 of "Our Story"

Pastor Tim Asbill Jr.
Lead Pastor