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God Calls All of Us

Over these past 5 weeks we have been reminded in Nehemiah and even our Missionary, Jon Fischer, that God calls all of us.  He doesn't just use those who are the top of the class, the brightest, smartest, and most gifted.  God calls all of us and He will equip us for His work that needs to be done.  Our biggest challenge is to surrender to His Lordship and get ourselves (pride) out of the way so that He can do in us what He wants to do, to accomplish the task that He wants done.

This week is no different. The team from Anderson First Church is here and will begin work in under an hour.  A group of people, just like us, ready to be used by God to do His work here in Mitchell.  The lives that will be touched and impacted for God's Kingdom has already been underway.  The Harvest is ripe and ready let us jump in the flow of the rest of this week, whatever you can do, to help see things accomplished in this community like never before.

My prayer has been that each of us will be apart and 'make a difference'. Pray for everyone that has come and helping if you physically can't help.  Pray also if you can help.  Pray for God's will to be done through each person and the neighborhoods, children and parents that in need of hearing the Good News of Jesus.

Looking forward to a great celebration service on Sunday of what God has done this week.  Hope to see you here!

Pastor Tim Lead Pastor 
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarenee