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Matthew 5:7 states, "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

How has your mercy gauge been this week?  Remember that mercy is what God DOESN'T give that we deserve. And grace is what God gives that we don't deserve.  They really go hand in hand. in fact, I like to think of grace, mercy and forgiveness as a pyramid. You take away one and the other two fall in each other.  

When we live a mercy-filled life it enables us to extend that same mercy to others. Helps us to stop trying to impress others, myself, and God. And to not worry if others show me mercy. It is not easy because of our human nature. Jesus calls each of us that call Him our Savior to move to a higher way of living.  It is challenging and takes time to be molded and shaped. We will not always get it right, but as long as we are moving forward in learning, making the necessary changes our growth in Christ gets deeper.

Our goals this week in this Kingdom Experiment is to consider those who we need to extend mercy to.  Is it someone who has hurt us. Those who have let us down. Those who have fallen short of our own personal expectations and even those who we have judged. Remember do wait to take action but do it. Give mercy to those that God has laid on our heart and extend to them the same measure of mercy toward that God has given us.


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Sunday we will be looking at "Blessed are the Pure in Heart."


Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene