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Good Morning Harvesters,

Over the years I have had things in my life that I have been excited about, but then after a few years, okay maybe a decade, that I just give up on. Like collecting Baseball Cards, Pens, and Matchbooks. Each of them costs me large amounts of time, some money and really nothing in the end.  I had lots of knowledge about those things but really no practical good came out of them, well, maybe having matches to light lots of candles.

Galatians 6:9 reminds us, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." It is real easy to give up, even on the best of things, when times get tough. I have seen couples who have been married over 20 years just give up.  The kids are gone and because they did not build into their marriage they have lost sight of each other. Two strangers just living in the same house, living individual lives.

I stated Sunday that, "Our marriage is as good as we decide for it to be with God's help." It takes two to make it work and it takes two cause it to die. I hope that over these past four weeks you have taken time to examine your current relationships.  If you are married that you and your spouse have had some series conversations about "Seeking God, Fighting Fair and Having Fun." If you are single or in a steady relationship that you are talking about what the future may hold and looking for the best number two for your future.

Not matter what things may come my prayer is that you never give up.  Never give up on seeking God on your own and when your with someone doing that together. That you take time to build into each other by not losing what you have in the beginning of the relationship.  Anita and I, even after almost 28 years, still have fun.  We make each other laugh, enjoy each others company doing activities together and yes, just even talking. But it has taken work on both our parts and never giving up, seeking God together.

We have had difficult times but through it all God has been with us and helped us to overcome the adversity together.  I pray that as you consider your future spouse, or your current marriage that these commitments will be true and can see as Matthew 19:6 states, "Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."


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Sunday we will begin a new series on "Excuses".  See you then!

Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene