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Pay Attention to the Ripple Effect

The decisions you make and the actions you take affect those around you.

Rehoboam learned that lesson the hard way.  Rehoboam followed his father Solomon to the throne of Israel.  Solomon had put a heavy burden on the people by taxation and a building process through the land.

A group of representatives, lead by Jeroboam, went to the new king and asked him to take away the heavy burden.

In private, Rehoboam asked his advisers, who had served with his father what he should do.  They said that if he became a servant to the people and lighten their load, the people would always be faithful servants to the king.

His circle of peers gave him just he opposite advice.  They told him to work the people harder.  He liked that idea, better and told the representatives his plans, and ended up with a divided kingdom.

At one time or another all of us feel the effects of someone else's decisions or actions.  When we suffer the negative consequences of another's bad decision, God can still redeem the situation.  Although Rehoboam wound up ruling only two tribes instead of the entire nation.

God can and does work, what often times seems to us as the worst outcome, but for Him it will always be His best work, in the most difficult situations.

We should always consider how our dcisions and actions affect those around us, not just today but for the future.  In "systems thinking" it is said that "you are the highest leverage point in any system you are in."  More simply put, you can and do make a difference.  You are more "powerful" than you think you are--no matter your position in life.

Clint Eastwood's film Invictus, tells the story of Nelson Mandela's use of the South African rugby team to help heal a nation divided by apartheid. In once scene of the movie he explains to a team member, "Reconciliation starts here.  Forgiveness starts here."  He knew his actions would have a ripple effect on those around him.  Eventually the blessing of that "ripple" washed across the nation and changed things.

Rehoboam made a bad decision, but it was really his father Solomon's actions that divided the kingdom.  He turned his back on the one true God and chased after and worshiped other "gods,"  he lead the people away from God and began using them for his own glory and gain.  Pride once again gets in the way. His son Rehoboam was only living out the consequences of those decisions that Solomon made

I pray that we learn from Solomon's mistake and finish strong.  That we will love God first and others second so that we can help them discover Christ through all the seasons of life. Never forget the decisions you make today will have a ripple effect for the future.  So be wise and keep your eyes on Christ.

Blessings and see you Sunday!  Don't forget it is family worship Sunday,

Pastor Tim Asbill Jr.
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