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Rebuilding the Walls of Brokenness

I am amazed at how far computer technology has come in the last 10 years. They can take old footage of an actor that has died and using the new high tech bring them back to life visibly and audibly.

There are times when I wish I could scan in my great-grandma Barlow, Papa Barlow and Grandpa and Grandma Asbill just to see them "alive" and to "hear" their voices of encouragement and love.

Yet with all the amazing tech that is out there it still would not be the same. I can still here them some days but as time passes so does the memory.

Sometimes we don't miss a voice  or someone's presence until it goes silent.  At the end of the Old Testament there is a period of 400 years often referred to as "the silent years."  Years without any prophets or leaders whose words or lives were recorded in Scripture.  Years where there was no voice from God. 

But before the silence, Ezra read the word of God to the people.  His desire was that they rebuild the wall around Jerusalem for protection.  And God's greater desire was to rebuild the hearts of His people.  The men, women and children gathered together.  They heard the Word.  They understood the Word. And then they put the Word to action.

You can hear God's voice in the same way the Israelite's did.  Through reading His Word, the Bible.  It's not a computer generated voice from a movie star.  It is His voice.  When you hear it there will be a response.  The Israelites wept.  Others repented.  Still others today have heard the good news and rejoiced.  And what about you?  If you hear it today, it can rebuild your life if you will let it.

My Grandparents voice may never be heard "live" again on this earth.  But God is still speaking today.  You only need to gather the men, women, and children, open His love letter to us, and listen.

Looking forward to the start of the life of our Savior who came to dispel the darkness. See you on Sunday!


Pastor Tim Asbill Jr.
Lead Pastor