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Standing Out

Sunday we had a great day of celebration with our AFC brothers and sisters.  The partnership and work we had with them Wednesday through Sunday was phenomenal.  Their passion for their community and reaching in was definitely felt by us, as they help us to reach into our neighborhood through canvassing and the one day VBS.  A BIG THANK YOU to each of you who participated in taking this opportunity to help with the playground, garage, Abbott House, Canvassing, and the Snack Pack program. I have been hearing great things from others about all that was done to help further God's Kingdom.

Sunday we look at how we live in a world that's much like Daniel's, where culture is trying to train our minds to think, behave, and believe like the rest of the world. it trains us to lower our standards. However, you can't live passively as a follower of Christ in today's world. You need to take a stand in the right way, at the right time for the right reason, like Daniel did.

Remember that when we compromise on the wrong things, in the wrong ways, at the wrong times, it can cost us way more than we can even imagine. The world calls all us to bend in.  Daniel and his friends could have just gone along and blended in with the rest of the young Israelites, but if they had done so, nothing historic would have happened.  God can and will use each of us like Daniel, but only if we take a stand and stand out from the rest of the world.  We need Christians who have the courage to stand out inspire others and do what is right.

We will continue with our series this week as we look at Standing up!  Have a great rest of the week and see you Sunday!

Pastor Tim Lead Pastor 
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene