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Standing Up

Last Sunday was tough, looking what how we take a stand in this culture in the right ways, at the right time, for the right reasons but dealing with us as we have to sometimes confront in love to be a peace maker not just a peace keeper. It took great courage for Daniel to stand up to the king because he could have been killed for telling the truth. Daniel stood up to the king and confronted him about his sin in love and wanted God's best for his life.

Confrontations are not easy for many people. In fact, most of us again fall into two extremes when it comes to confronting those who are doing wrong. They're either unwilling to confront, or their confrontations comes across as unloving and judgmental.  There is probably someone at work that claims to be a Christian, but their life and actions do not line up with their words.

Remember, that when you confront someone about their sin, don't go one of the extremes, but instead prayerfully confront them.  To do this, there are two things that we need to remember to do. The first is pray, "God, help me confront with the goal of restoration." The second is, "God, help me confront with caution."

The strength of a church can be found in loving like Jesus but like Jesus, He also confronted in love with the goal of restoration with His Father and with caution.  Help us, as Harvesters, to be like Jesus in all that we say with our lips and with our actions.

Tomorrow is Family Sunday we will celebrate with the Lord's Supper together and our kids will be with us for the whole service.  Then following at 2:00 pm Family Fun Day begins! Looking forward to a great day in Christ as we continue to 'Take a Stand.'

Pastor Tim Lead Pastor 
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene