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Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family!

Whew!  It has been quite the week for me and still the weekend to go.  From preparing and planning this weeks service, to counseling, visitations and preparing for Ron McGuire's Memorial Service, to leaving tomorrow for our District Ordination Service in Fergus Falls. All that going and am so thankful that God still speaks, moves and directs in ALL WAYS.

Sunday we looked at our second beatitude found in Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

We learned that as we are called by God to live a holy life He brings a blessing, in this case favor or happiness. The reason we can happy or find favor when we are mourning is because it brings the attention to what God is doing in our life.

Think about this, blessed are those who mourn over their sin. If I am mourning about the sin in my life it means that I am seriously concerned about it. If we are serious about our sin then the Holy Spirit will do His job to convict and draws us close to God so that we can repent and stay in right standing with Him.

Another reason to be blessed due to morning is that blessed are those who know how to feel the pain of others. To have compassion and empathy, not indifference.  Compassion and empathy will help us and cause us to do something about what we are seeing and feeling.  It causes us take action and do something.

Let the issues that break the hearts of those around you become the issues that grip and break your heart as well. Compassion refuses to say, "It's not my problem."

I hope this week you have taken time to find someone around you who is hurting and take time not to speak just to be there and sit with them. To really become the compassion of Christ to those around you.


  • You can be here in PERSON or watch our Sunday Service via live stream on our Facebook page click HERE.  Our Youtube page click HERE or our Web page click HERE.
  • Get signed up for a Rooted Group HERE. There are plenty of different times and choices to get connected and build community.  We even have a Zoom meeting for those not comfortable meeting together in person. There really is no excuse for you to not be in a group to grow and deepen relationships and our understanding of living out God's plan for our lives. 
  • Trunk or Treat is coming next week and we need lots of YOU to sign-up for a decorated trunk and to help make this event possible. Forecast is looking amazing for a great day.  We did not have VBS this year or our summer BBQ's due to COVID-19 and this is one outreach that will be safe and to help us reach into our community, but it takes ALL of US to make it possible.  Take time to sign-up in person at church or HERE online for a trunk and HERE to volunteer.  Thanks for your help!!
  • Remember that masks are not required but recommended for service and continue to wash or sanitize hands frequently to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you would like to visit longer with others we ask that you please carry your conversation outside of the church building.
  • Sunday is Family Worship Sunday so make sure if you are watching at home to have your communion elements ready at the close of the message to partake together.
  • All of our Wednesday Night Ministries are in full swing.

Looking forward to Week 3! 


Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene