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The Difference Maker in You

The past couple of weeks we have been looking at the life of Nehemiah and how he was a person who, once he heard about the walls of his homeland lying in disgrace for the last 140 years sat down to weep, pray and then moved to do something about it.  So much so that he shared his sadness with the king who allowed him to go back and begin to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. 

Nehemiah was just a cup bearer to the king.  He was truly no one of importance, much like many of us.  Maybe we were not the best or chosen to do much in life but all it takes is for someone to have a heart willing to do what God wants them to do.  To do decide that if this is what God is calling me to do, to start, to finish then I am not going to push it off onto someone else but I will be willing to make a difference.

In order to accomplish what God is wanting us to do we must define the mission clearly. One sentence, here’s what God wants me to do during this season of my life. Make plans carefully, ask, what’s the next step? Then take it, do the homework and find out all that you can. And then, when that’s inside of you and you’re around people, the passion will just flow.

I said Sunday that if you light yourself on fire, they’ll come to watch you burn. And they’re going to want to be a part of what is on your heart. Because here’s the deal, you can make a difference by yourself, but if you want to change the world, you’re going to have to be a leader. You may not feel like you’re a leader, but Nehemiah didn’t feel like he was a leader either, he was just a guy that cared. You don’t have to be the best; you just have to care the most.

Praying that you have a great weekend and hope to see you tomorrow, if not today.

Pastor Tim Lead Pastor 
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene