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Why Is It That I Don't Always Feel God?

Hey, Hey Harvesters!

I hope your having a great week and have taken time to get to know God even better than ever.  During times of crisis is when we often feel that God is absent from our lives.  Sometimes we just don't feel Him like in other times.  Why is that? 

Sunday we looked at why that is and in order to live clothed and courageous we will have questions that will come up about our faith and about God.  It is good to dig into scripture to help lay foundations for answers to these 'Why is it that..' questions.

It is always great to bring these questions to God because He can handle any questions we have. I have learned that along time ago.  He doesn't want us to just flip flop around thinking that He doesn't want us to know Him and His plans for our life or in this case why it feels like He isn't there.

A lot of this really is on us and what are our expectations and how our relationship with God is.  I mentioned Sunday even David, a man after God's our heart even felt at times that God wasn't there.  Psalm 88:13-14 states, "But I cry to you for help, O Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you. Why, O Lord, do you reject me and hide your face from me?"

I stated Sunday that some of the reasons we may not FEEL God is because we have been placing to much emphasis on the sensational or our emotions.  Sometimes we get distracted by GOOD things and end up missing out because we have allowed business to block out what God was trying to show us.

It could be that it is our own spiritual condition of our spiritual heart that has become hardened due to the wall of sin that we have allowed in our life.  What ever the cause the cure is always to come to Him, repent, seek Him and allow Him to have His way in us.

I pray that you will allow God to reveal Himself to you by seeking Him with all your heart so that you can do life with Him everyday and experience His goodness each and every day.

Looking forward to a great Sunday of worship as we welcome Jerry Nelson into our midst to sit and listen and participate in God's presence through piano. I hope you will join us in person or LIVE.

Continued Reminders.  

  • You can watch our Sunday Service via live stream on our Facebook page click HERE.  Our Youtube page click HERE or our Web page click HERE.
  • Teen and Adult Sunday School are continuing this week at 9:30 a.m  Nursery Care for birth to age 3 is back this Sunday as well.  (Greg and Deb Buche's Sunday School class will not resume until after Labor Day as well as our children's Sunday School.)
  • Treehouse Children's Church has startedSunday.  Our kids will be dismissed half way through the concert on Sunday..

Know that you and your family are prayed for and that I miss you and anticipating your return if you have been away.


Pastor Tim
Lead Pastor
Harvest Community Church of the Nazarene