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July 7th 2017
Adultery Last Sunday we began a new series together in dealing with subjects that can ruin your life.  Adultery was right out of the gate.  I asked all of you how many of you were planning on committing the sin of adultery after you were married or planned before you got married and no one raised their hand. The statistics show that up to 65% of husbands and 55% of wives will commit adultery by the age of 40. Wow!  We
June 30th 2017
Sunday you heard testimonies from several of your church family. I want to thank Gayle, Dan, Veronica and Jason for being willing to share their God stories.Each of you are amazing and thank God for you and who you are today. Several years ago our camp theme in Iowa was built around the concept of Acts 29.  There is no Acts 29 because each of us are the 29th Chapter of Acts.  It is our lives, our stories, our testimonies of wh
June 22nd 2017
What a great Father's Day!  Thanks to our Missions Counsel for an amazing Father's Day brunch and for helping us to remember that only $4 will purchase one minute of time to share the life changing Gospel of Jesus around the world on the radio. Don't forget to bring your offering for the next two Sundays to help fund a 24 hours period of time. During the morning service we looked at the life of Samson and how he allowed his emotions to get the
June 15th 2017
Sunday we wrapped up this series of messages by looking realizing that there are times when we need to go, even though it would be easier to stay. "The Lord said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." Abram and Sara were told to leave where they had settled for many years, they were comfortable and ad a great life.  But God had o
June 9th 2017
Sunday we learned to decide today the story you want to tell tomorrow by deciding to stay when it would be easier to go. All of us have had seasons of our life when there has been a difficulty, whether in our marriage, a relationship, work or even church, when it would have been easier to walk away from the hurt, the pain, the difficulty and but we decided to stay because we know that God has something in store us to learn and change in our lives.
June 3rd 2017
Sunday we decided the story we want to tell tomorrow by stopping the things that are getting in the way of what God wants us to want. It is easy for me to speak before thinking and I end up often times having to apologize or pull my foot from my mouth. How about you?  Do you or have you ever been in the same situation? We often times promise we are going to stop something in our life that we know that is not good and is going to effect ou
May 26th 2017
Sunday I shared that we all love a good story and each of us have a story to tell.  The question is what chapters of our story do we end up telling and which ones do we choose to leave out because we are ashamed or embarrassed by those chapters of our life. What will your story be 5 years from now?  Will it be of victory and what God has helped you to overcome or will it be of defeat and how the enemy got the best of you and took you out? If we
May 11th 2017
One day in the late Spring they came to his cell in the Mamertine Prison in Rome and opened the door.  His executioners led him out of the city on the Ostian Road. As they were walking out, other travelers would have been walking into Rome.  They would have paid very little attention to him.  No one would have recognized his face.  No one would have known his crime.  He was just another prisoner, just another “dead man walking.&r
May 4th 2017
If you saw her backstage you never would have imagined that she would become a superstar. She walked out on the stage in an old-fashioned dress. Slightly messed up hair. She seemed a little too old and odd for the competition. But the moment she began to sin on Britain's Got Talent she took the world by storm. By the final note she was receiving a standing ovation from the crowd and the usually very critical Simon Cowell gave his a
April 27th 2017
Have you ever lost one of your kids? We were at Universal Studios California shopping in the city market when Anita and noticed Elizabeth was gone! We tried calling the other people we were with but nothing.  We tried shouting her name...nothing.  We were about to contact authorities but there she was holding hands with a friend that was with us.  WHEW!!  When children go missing, parents go into search and rescue mode.