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March 30th 2017
Only 14.3 acres big, it is a small kingdom unto itself.  Located in three separate areas in the United States, you can leave the U.S. and enter the Republic of Molossia.  It  is considered to be a micro-nation...a "nation within" our nation, (check it out http://www.molossia.org.) It has its own fl
March 16th 2017
The knock came at the door of the inn.  It was late.  We can imagine the innkeeper had been burning both ends of the candle.  The census crowd had packed Bethlehem and he had finally locked the doors for the night.  Until the knock.  He shuffled his feet through the dark and made his way to the door. Opening it, he peered out to see a young couple.  Looking more closely he saw a young woman who was about to give bir
March 9th 2017
I am amazed at how far computer technology has come in the last 10 years. They can take old footage of an actor that has died and using the new high tech bring them back to life visibly and audibly. There are times when I wish I could scan in my great-grandma Barlow, Papa Barlow and Grandpa and Grandma Asbill just to see them "alive" and to "hear" their voices of encouragement and love. Yet with all the amazi
March 3rd 2017
Sometimes you may feel like life is just a huge gamble.  Maybe you feel like the outcome of your life is resting on how the dice roll or the chips fall.  If you get "lucky" then things go great but most of the time you feel like your life is always coming up snake eyes. There are times when the stars just seem to align right and you find yourself fully loaded with blessings.  Then there are times when eve
February 23rd 2017
A few years ago I got a 1960's Dr Pepper machine that I intended to get checked out, recharged and working.  It is still sitting in the garage with stuff stacked on top of it as a great decoration. Nine years ago, Anita and I bought an old steamer trunk to refinish and use for blanket or game storage.  We like antique items that can be reused.  I started working on it this last summer and then tore my bicep (good
February 15th 2017
It is hard to believe but we are at week 18!  A lot happens in Scripture following the time Adam and Eve took that bite of the tree that God told them not to eat from.  As a result, they attempted the first cover up.  But since their leaf apparel was not very practical, God sacrificed an animal to clothe them.  The pair was then banished from the Garden and began life anew as exiles away from their homeland.
February 8th 2017
Sally Edwards is a highly esteemed third grade teacher at Jacksboro Elementary in Texas.  She was preparing her students for the equivalent of the Iowa Basic Skills Test and put together an exam to prepare them for it. There were 20 questions and number 11 on the test was this question: "List in any order the four seasons." Here at Harvest our mission is to help people discover Christ through the seasons of Life. T
February 3rd 2017
In the early formation of our nation Goerge Washington had the opportunity to become king of the newly formed United States. (We all know where kings lead, right?) But given the young nation's experience with England and because he had a powerful prayer life he knew there was only to be one King, so he passed on the offer. The people of the land apparently knew the same.  "In a 1774 report to King George, the Governor of Bos
January 26th 2017
Do you remember the old Verizon Wireless commercials that had the "test guy" who would go to very remote parts of the country and he would ask the simple question, "Can you hear me now?" To show how reliable their network is. (I like the fact that he is now working for Sprint...lol!) The catchy phrase caught on as potential customers seemed to relate to the struggle to connect and stay connected as they traveled.  I don't know about you, b
January 19th 2017
The decisions you make and the actions you take affect those around you. Rehoboam learned that lesson the hard way.  Rehoboam followed his father Solomon to the throne of Israel.  Solomon had put a heavy burden on the people by taxation and a building process through the land. A group of representatives, lead by Jeroboam, went to the new king and asked him to take away the heavy burden. In private, Re