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January 12th 2017
Here’s something that might bring back memories for some of you.  Think back to Christmases of your childhood: what was the symbol of all your Christmas wishes?  How about the Sears or JCPenny Wish Book?  Do you remember it from when you were a kid?  My sister and I would scan the pages through the giant catalog and we would circle or tear out our choices and hope that Santa would deliver the "goods" on Christmas mo
January 7th 2017
We all have a story.  Every one of us could share about our experiences as a child, or teenager.  The stories of family feuds and times of laughter (Maybe even some new ones during these past holidays, YIKES!)  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, each of us has a story of when we realized we had sinned and needed to repent, ask for forgiveness and reconciliation from God and from man.   We discover