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April 7th 2020
Good Morning Harvest Church Family, It is Holy Week, the week we have set aside yearly to remember what God has done for us through His one and only Son Jesus. On Good Friday we will be having a service at 6:30 pm and want to be able to lead you and your family in communion together that evening.  Please
April 4th 2020
Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family, Well another week of our social distancing has passed and appreciate each of you for all of your understanding, prayer and encouragement many of you have sent to me through these days. My prayer has been that we will grow deeper in our appreciation for God and all that He has given, that we will grow deeper in our relationship with Him and that we will connect with each other. Stephen, Jason and I h
March 28th 2020
Good Evening Harvest Church Family, I want to thank all of you for your prayers, patience and understanding during these difficult days. It has been hard to not see so many of you but know that you have been prayed for this week.  I spent time praying over every family that God would keep you well and not depressed while all of this is going on. We have been fortunate that the spread of COVID19 has not been as severe in South Dakota as in other states.&n
March 19th 2020
Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family, Wow!  What a week this has been and how quickly things have been shifting in our lives since last week.  This week has been a week of re-configuring a lot of what we do and how in life and at church. I have been having alot of different emotions as we change things for the coming weeks. The emotions of grief have at times hit me on occasions as I think about the loss of so many plans from how c
March 12th 2020
Dear Church Family, On behalf of our Harvest Community staff and leadership team, I want to assure you that in times of uncertainty, the health and well-being of our members and guests remains our highest priority. Please know that we are keeping those affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) in our prayers while we closely watch the evolving situation. In the meantime, I want to inform you of the proactive steps we are taking t
March 5th 2020
Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family, Sunday we celebrated our first Sunday of Lent with beginning our journey with Jesus to the Cross. Mark reminded us that all of us have to spend time on the bench.  Jesus was sent out into the wilderness/desert right after a high moment with God during His baptism in the Jordan.  Jesus was sent, not as punishment but being prepared for the ministry that was to come.  All of us have or are going
February 27th 2020
Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family, Last night we began the Lenten journey. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a 40-day journey of fasting, repentance, reflection and prayer as we walk with Jesus to the cross and the celebration of His resurrection together. Through scripture, song, interactive stations and video we slowed down and focused Jesus' call to listen in silence and to begin to walk in deep reflection with Him. Last
January 30th 2020
Good Afternoon Harvest Church Family, Sunday was an awesome day in God's presence and a great reminder for us to know there is only One place/person we can go to help us when were hurt and that is God. We looked at step two of the Celebrate Recovery Christ-Centered 12 Steps that we earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him and that He has the power to help us recover. Hebrews 11:6 tells us, "Anyone who comes to God must bel
January 23rd 2020
Good Evening! So how's it going this week?  Have you taken the challenge to pray, “God, I give you my mind.  I give you my eyes.  I give you my mouth.  May I speak what you want me to say.  May I hear only your truth today and have the wisdom to reject that which is not true.  Here are my hands.  May You use them to build your kingdom.  Here are my feet.  Lead me to where you want me to go.  Help me to
January 17th 2020
Good Friday late Morning to you! Well the storm is raging as I am typing this but it is looking like the heaviest will be clearing out soon. Hang tight and stay warm. These past couple of weeks I know have been challenging with the prayers I have been asking you to consider praying but I am so grateful for what God has been doing in my life and in many of yours. To hear many of you tell me how God has been searching your heart to he