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Wanda by Carol Anne Eby Edited by Andrew Bennett

Wanda is a compelling story of one woman’s response to God’s call upon her life, and the faithfulness with which she made herself available to God, wherever He sent her, and in whatever circumstances she found herself.  She served God and the church with distinction as a missionary, and ultimately as the director of what is now Nazarene Missions International.

An inspiration to all around her, on the mission field, and in the executive’s office; in the face of bitter losses and terminal illness, Wanda’s life and testimony was one marked with joy—the joy of faithful service rendered, and full trust in the God Who held her close to His heart.  May her holy influence impact your life as you read Wanda.

To The Shelter (Middle East Stories of Finding Strength, Courage, and Hope in God by Kay Browning

No one knows the path his or her life will take, nor did we know that our path would converge with lovely and loving lives in a difficult part of the world—the Middle East. During our years there, we learned how important it was to find a place of shelter during difficult times.  When the first edition of this book was released in 1997, the shelters to which we referred were churches where people could find refuge from war and strife.

Today, those same churches have become centers of hope and help for the lost, the refugee, the weary within the context of the Middle East. Nazarene's there provided a wonderful example of how to journey through life in that difficult part of the world.  We witnessed lives that were filled with faith, trust and grace in a chaotic and sometimes hostile environment. Their stories remind us:  He will encourage us, guide us, help us and protect us.  He is our shelter and rock of strength. (Psalm 27:5)

The Road Back by David and Lisa Frisbie

The Road Back: Hope, Help & Healing for Survivors of Human Trafficking, by Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie, presents the reader with a global effort to combat human trafficking through the Church of the Nazarene. It introduces us to heroes and heroines on the front lines, seeking to intervene and offer care and hope to those who have fallen prey to the evil that would rob a life of all dignity and self-worth.

One thing becomes clear, the blight of human trafficking, with its dehumanizing, demoralizing power over the powerless, is not something that happens only in “other places” or to “other people” we may never meet. It is on our doorsteps, in our neighborhoods, in almost every country.